Snowbank DAO
Snowbank Cards are exclusive NFTs that were distributed by airdrop to users who participated in Snowbank Ignition Phase by staking, minting, or doing both before 11/10 3pm EST.
What are these cards going to be used for? We won't say what they'll be used for just yet because nothing is ready to accept these cards. We plan to offer exclusive benefits to Snowbank cardholders in the future.
We recommend that you avoid speculation about their potential usage and instead rely solely on new official communication from Snowbank that will provide you with more information about its future benefits.

Standard Card

The Standard Card is a tier 1 card that users who staked (but did not mint) during the Ignition Phase received. Today, 11,197 Standard Cards were distributed to users!

Platinum Card

The Platinum Card is a tier 2 card that users who minted (but did not stake) during the Ignition Phase received. Today, 1,704 Platinum Cards were distributed to users!

Black Card

The Black Card is a tier 3 card and also our most exclusive, prepared specially for users who minted and staked during the Ignition Phase. Today, the Black Cards were distributed to 4,077 very special users.
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